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We recognize your talent and give it a chance. We act as the ideal business partner and assist you with your day-to-day business while teaching you how to manage your career. We make sure that you remain the owner of your success and accumulated value.

We help you find a matching club that signs you to establish a solid base for your career. Since it has increasingly become attractive for brands to enter esports sponsorships, one of our goals is to secure valuable sponsorship deals. Depending on the type of deal we agree on, we invest time and money in you to accelerate your career.

Furthermore, we help you create professional-looking social media channels and content and form joint ventures with professionals from our music and sports departments.

"Not only does Azizt help me on a professional level but personally too. I am happy to contribute to Azizt's bright future."


"Azizt secured my deal with FC Twente, for which I am very grateful. They are a very professional and fast-growing organization."


"I get the right guidance from Azizt everyday. Their expertise helps me improve both as a player and a person."


"Azizt supports me in expanding my network with brands and develops my professional career further. They helped me sign with SC Cambuur in the Edivisie."

Ata Kansu

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