Helping the producer, songwriter Albert Harvey reach his full potential

“I am a creative person. I need solutions to maximize my business potential”


As a producer and songwriter, Harvey has contributed to the sales of over 100 million streams worldwide. He achieved this through his work with artists & producers, including David Guetta, Stargate, Carl Falk, Nicky Romero, Chuckie, Alice Chater, Iggy Azalea, SFB, J Balvin, Armin Van Buuren, Sunnery James & Ryan Marchiano, Giorgio Tuinfort, Deepend, and Mr Probz.


To achieve international growth, Albert needed the help of specialists such as a personal assistant, a contract manager, a deal maker, and agreements with key partners. Binding himself to these professionals to start growing internationally while working within his budget was not possible for Albert.


Azizt enabled Albert to further his international growth by distributing the costs of these required specialists among all Azizt clients. With the right people on board, Azizt could make valuable agreements with key partners. 

Azizt’s support resulted in significant international growth both in Albert’s professional network and in revenue. Our team achieved this growth with a relatively small investment through apprehensible solutions.

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